Wedding and Special Event Designs

Pineapple Soup was born in 2011 when I had to take 6 weeks off work for surgery. During that time, I started "crafting" and making greeting cards. But when I realized that I would never use them all, I decided to see if I could sell them on Etsy. They flew off the "shelves" so to speak! And after just a few short months, an Etsy customer asked me if I could use the base on one of my cards for a banner she wanted. And that's where it all started.

I made her banner, took a photo of it before sending it off and listed it on Etsy. Within 2 weeks, I had so many banner orders, I didn't have time to make cards! I found the majority of the banners I was selling were wedding banners, so when I began adding other wedding decor, the shop really took off. I realized that it was getting confusing with both wedding and home decor in one shop, so I moved the home decor to its own site (Pineapple Soup Designs) and opened this shop....Before You Say I Do (a division of Pineapple Soup Designs) exclusively for wedding designs.

Then a few years later, I started working on a few graphic wedding designs with my oldest and dearest friend, Lisa (who is now a designer in this shop) that I wanted to sell as downloadable files. We worked so well togther, that we decided to open up our own shop, PSPrintables (PS stands for Pineapple Soup), another division of Pineapple Soup. That shop sells exclusively downloadable files. There were so many people requesting actual PRINTS of our files, I decided to sell the prints here, in the wedding shop to prevent confusion.

My daughter Jessica saw what we were doing and decided she too wanted to get involved. She came up with a few designs, and I have to say....they were good! (I taught her everything she knows). She is now one of the designers for this shop and also opened up her own Etsy shop (Sasafras Printables) where she sells nothing but downloadable files. Again, in an effort not to confuse the buyer as to whether they are getting a downloadable file or an actual PRINT.....I started printing some of her designs and selling them here.

Three shops and 4 years later, Pineapple Soup Designs encompasses a wide array of decor for both weddings and your home. And....for those of you that want a DIY project, Pineapple Soup Designs now offers downloadable files from the above sister shops on Etsy!

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